Environmental Consulting Services

At E Sciences we pride ourselves on assisting our clients with evaluating and managing risks that may be associated with known or unknown environmental conditions of properties or activities. Our firms’ expertise goes beyond the ability to conduct projects in accordance with industry standards and rules. Our knowledge coupled with our creative approach to each assignment provides our clients with certainty that a unique and thoughtful approach will be applied to their situation. The benefit of our professional staff’s engagement in leadership positions within our communities and technical organizations is realized through an application of our broad understanding of the business, government and community impacts on each project. E Sciences’ seasoned staff of professionals collaborates to develop thoughtful and efficient approaches and view each assignment through the lens of the specific constraints and opportunities in order to achieve an efficient result to the project challenge.

E Sciences’ environmental project examples only touch on the range of services we provide since we apply our expertise to many different situations and embrace each project challenge. This collaborative and individual approach results in each project having a unique scope, approach and resolution.