Former Orlando Gasification Plant

E Sciences provided technical litigation support services to the City of Orlando for the former manufactured gasification plant in Orlando, Florida. Gas production started in 1887 and continued until 1960. Coal was heated at the Site using different processes to produce gas for cooking, lighting, heating and industrial uses. The waste material from the gas manufacturing process was primarily coal tar which contains VOCs and PAHs and is the source of contamination at the site.

The United States Geological Survey and Florida Department of Environmental Regulation initiated preliminary studies at the Site. Drainage wells near the site were subsequently found to be impacted from both the VOCs and PAHs. An addendum to the Phase II Remedial Investigation (RI) Work Plan was submitted to the EPA to further delineate coal tar contamination in the Floridan Aquifer. The draft Remedial Investigation Report, Risk Assessments, and Remedial Alternative Technical Memo was submitted to EPA, with the final RI submitted to EPA shortly after. The potentially responsible party (Orlando Group) of which the City of Orlando is one of the party, signed an Administrative Order on Consent with EPA to conduct the RI/Feasibility Study.

E Sciences provided the following services for this project:

  • Review and analysis of information contained in the City files and publically available information from the EPA, FDEP and other public sources on the project site.
  • Review and analysis of documents provided to the City of Orlando by the Orlando Group’s consultant.
  • Attendance at meetings held at the City of Orlando, FDEP (Orlando or Tallahassee) or at EPA Region IV (Atlanta).
  • Preparation of project summaries to assist the City’s legal team.
  • Representation on the Technical Working Group on behalf of the City.
  • Preparation of Expert Reports regarding the submitted information to EPA.