Environmental Assessment

E Sciences conducted EAs for developed and undeveloped properties in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas at existing and proposed private correctional facilities. These assessments were required as part of the submittal process for future federal correctional facility contracts with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or Federal Bureau of Prisons. The intent of the EAs was to analyze the potential environmental impacts resulting from the proposed construction, operation, and maintenance of the detention center. The EAs were prepared in general accordance with NEPA and the Council on Environmental Quality regulations for implementing NEPA. Consultation and coordination with the following federal, state, and local agencies were conducted during planning and preparation of these EAs:

• State Commission on Environmental Quality
• State Historic Preservation Officer
• State Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
• Local providers of gas, electricity, trash disposal and water and sewer
• Local police, fire and school system
• Appropriate Native American Tribes

E Sciences accessed available databases, agency reports, internet files, and interviewed agency personnel to evaluate the proposed detention center sites, the surrounding communities, and regional characteristics in general accordance with the EA guidance. Areas evaluated in the EA included land uses, soils, water resources, vegetation, wildlife resources, threatened and endangered species, cultural resources, air quality, noise, utilities and infrastructures, road and traffic, hazardous materials, and socioeconomics.