General Environmental Services for Seminole County

E Sciences is on a third term contract for Seminole County to provide environmental assessment, remediation and Brownfield consulting services. The scope for this contract includes the following key projects:


Former Cumberland Farms Store

This site was part of a roadway acquisition by Seminole County Public Works and therefore the petroleum contamination became the responsibility of Seminole County. E Sciences prepared a RAP consisting of air sparging/vapor extraction. Air sparging and monitoring wells were designed to be installed at an angle to sparge and monitor groundwater beneath the roadway. The angled monitoring well design was a unique collaboration of technical expertise between E Sciences and Seminole County Public Works. Prior to RAP approval, the FDEP Site Investigation Section indicated that potential hydrocarbon contamination had vertically migrated to depths ranging from 40 to 80 feet below land surface and was commingled with a chlorinated solvent plume originating at the Former Technitronics facility located approximately 300 feet to the northeast of the site.


Former Auto World Assessment and Remediation

This inactive automotive retail property is located adjacent to the Seminole County Government Complex on US 17-92 within a designated Brownfields Area. This property was purchased by Seminole County for future building expansion. E Sciences completed a Phase I ESA that identified RECs on the Site including hydraulic lifts, petroleum storage and possible discharges to a septic tank onsite. The Phase II ESA revealed evidence of petroleum-impacted soil and groundwater. E Sciences completed supplemental site assessment and remedial activities which included the excavation and disposal of used oil-impacted soils, abandonment of a potable water well, removal of hydraulic lifts, removal of septic tanks and the associated closure assessment report/NAM Plan.

Markham ASR Well Sampling and Analysis

E Sciences is part of a team of engineers, geologists, and scientist assisting Seminole County with the development of an ASR well system. This system was installed to provide Seminole County with cost-effective alternatives to storing and using potable water during times of surplus and demand. E Sciences assisted in the development of the water quality testing program during project development. This program consisted of precycle, baseline testing, source water, and a minimum of four separate cycle tests. Various constituents of concern were analyzed as part of this testing for Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Standards.