Former Tire Kingdom Due Diligence

E Sciences is often brought into projects that require the creativity and technical expertise of a more complex nature than ordinary due diligence projects. This former Tire Kingdom site was a challenging project because our study was used to determine the responsibility of environmental liabilities associated with a contaminated property following termination of a tenant’s lease and sale of an industrial site with a vast, poorly documented history of contamination impacts.

Other consultants had conducted environmental testing activities based on the documented recognized environmental conditions during previous Phase I and Phase II ESAs performed on the site. E Sciences was engaged to review that work and additional regulatory records for the site. Based on our findings, we recommended that additional groundwater and soil assessment be conducted at the Site to assess the cause of the impacts as necessary to assign responsibility.

To satisfy both the seller and the buyer, E Sciences objectively conducted a limited environmental assessment to evaluate the potential presence of environmental impacts within seven identified areas of concern including USTs, former soakage pits, oil/water separators, aboveground storage tanks, hydraulic lifts and storm drains. Assessment activities included soil screening, soil and groundwater sampling and analysis. The results of the limited assessment revealed that residual petroleum contamination remained within the former UST farm. The former USTs had been admitted into the State of Florida petroleum cleanup program. Therefore, it was concluded that the State of Florida had accepted fiscal responsibility to assess and remediate these impacts until regulatory closure has been achieved.

A Limited Site Assessment Report was submitted to the buyer and seller’s satisfaction documenting historical information, sampling rationale, assessment activities, data evaluation, representative figures, tables, and professional opinions.