Lakewood Pointe Affordable Housing Brownfield Redevelopment

The 144-unit affordable housing community consists of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units with a full benefit of amenities and services to accommodate the lifestyle of all residents. This high quality development includes two nature preserve areas, a community pool, clubhouse and a toddler play area.

E Sciences conducted due diligence services on behalf of a developer seeking to use this property for an affordable housing project. During completion of the Phase I and Phase II ESAs, it was determined that 2.5 acres of this 15-acre property had been landfilled in the 1980s. Once the developer took title to the property and the presence of contamination was confirmed, E Sciences assisted the owner with obtaining a Brownfields Designation and entering into a Brownfields Site Rehabilitation Agreement. The Brownfields program has special benefits for affordable housing projects. The project was estimated to receive over $1 Million in financial incentives from the Brownfields program including Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credits, a building materials sales tax refund and an affordable housing bonus.

Deep-dynamic compaction was implemented for building foundation stabilization purposes The SAR and RAP were approved in a timely manner. Engineering Controls and Institutional Controls are used within the debris area to ensure the safety of the residents of Lakewood Pointe. These controls were implemented and are maintained in accordance with current FDEP policies and procedures. The Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement was also signed shortly after the RAP approval.

E Sciences integrated cost-saving measures into the assessment and remedial planning throughout the project. For example, the selected remedial alternative of soil and landfill gas management combined with Engineering and Institutional Controls has saved millions of dollars over conventional remedial methods.