Proposed Apartment Complex Phase I and Phase II ESAs, SAR and Interim Source Removal

E Sciences conducted Phase I and Phase II ESAs for this property located adjacent to a golf course in Sarasota, Florida. Due to stormwater discharge from the golf course across the site, the golf course was identified as a REC. DPT was used to collect soil and groundwater samples from areas of the site subject to this stormwater discharge. Arsenic impacts were noted in the soil and groundwater in several of these areas. The extent of the soil impacts were delineated, and with FDEP oversight, excavated and disposed of as an interim source removal. In order to meet HUD requirements, the groundwater impacts were delineated and FDEP provided expedited conditional approval of the SAR, therefore allowing site development to proceed. Following construction activities at the site, the SAR was completed and approved by the FDEP.