City of Miami Beach Green Waste Facility

E Sciences was awarded a contract with the City of Miami Beach to conduct environmental regulatory assessment, remediation, risk management and regulatory closure services for the Green Waste Facility, an undeveloped area located on the east side of the Miami Beach Golf Club. The site was previously used by the City of Miami Beach for solid waste management and a portion of the area contained buried debris. In anticipation of constructing a wastewater reclamation facility, the City implemented a material screening plan to remove the buried solid waste and screen out larger pieces of solid waste for off-site disposal. The recovered screened material was merged with a berm around the solid waste handling area to separate it from adjacent properties and the golf course.

E Sciences conducted initial assessment services to provide the City with guidance on whether it could be demonstrated that there was two feet of clean fill covering the berm to satisfy requirements for regulatory closure. In order to complete the project in a time and cost effective manner, we developed a phased sampling approach by collecting several soil samples, but conducting laboratory analysis on an iterative basis. The limited initial sampling results revealed the presence of regulated contaminants above regulatory criteria. The City elected to install an engineering control to obtain conditional regulatory closure of the site and the adjacent golf course maintenance facility. E Sciences designed and acted as the owner’s representative during installation of an engineering control across the affected area. As a sustainable approach, the City utilized soil generated during roadway improvement projects which reduced both truck hauling and landfilling costs and the need to mine new soils. Staff prepared as-built drawings and cross-sections documenting the constructed condition of the engineering control and assisted the City to develop a Draft Restrictive Covenant, including an inspection, monitoring and maintenance plan for the engineering control, allowing for regulatory closure of the site and golf course, including the preparation of an inspection, monitoring and maintenance plan for the engineering control.