Stormwater and Water Quality Consulting

E Sciences is at the forefront of innovative water quality planning and design, identifying solutions to local water quality issues. We apply advanced technologies with an integrated approach, and help clients maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. We’re engineering water quality improvements while managing infrastructure and the environment sustainably. E Sciences provides general civil and environmental engineering services for municipalities, including: water resource engineering; stormwater master planning and implementation; stormwater design; NPDES Phase I and Phase II Consulting and Permit Implementation; TMDL compliance support; development reviews and support; mine regulatory compliance and engineering support; construction compliance services; and other general civil and environmental engineering services. Our stormwater and water quality consulting services generate significant benefits to our clients, their communities and the surrounding environment through the mitigation of excess runoff and flooding, and the preservation of water quality. We blend planning and policy development with practical water resources engineering. E Sciences’ master plans provide a roadmap to achieving the greatest potential, as well as forecasting capital investment over time, to achieve our client’s ultimate objectives.

Services Include:

  • Storm Water Management Program Development and Implementation
  • Water Quality Master Planning
  • Stormwater Design
  • Water Quality Studies
  • NPDES Consulting and Compliance
  • Operational SOPs
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Public Education and Outreach