Hydrologic Restoration Design

E Sciences provides expertise related to assessing hydrologic, groundwater and surface water systems. These assessments are used in a variety of applications, such as hydrologic restoration, water and stormwater management, reuse and conservation, and effluent disposal; hydrologic network design and assessment; and in designing remediation systems. E Sciences uses modeling tools to accurately and efficiently simulate surface and groundwater flow and contaminant transport. Development of groundwater models provides a framework for organizing data and developing a conceptual understanding of a site. Flow and transport models can also reveal data gaps that can be useful in guiding development of a field investigation and cleanup program. Potential contaminant migration pathways and potential receptors can be identified. This information can be used to further support or guide risk assessment and remedial programs. E Sciences’ staff has extensive experience conducting modeling for vadose zone, groundwater, surface water and sediment evaluations.