Highlands Avenue Urban Stormwater Retrofit

E Sciences provided professional engineering services that addressed both flooding and water quality concerns within the historic Eau Gallie Community Redevelopment Area within the City of Melbourne. This historic area was developed before modern stormwater management regulations and stormwater treatment and conveyance infrastructure does not exist. The purpose of the project was to address three primary concerns: flooding, water quality, and aesthetics of the Community Redevelopment Agency area.

As part of the Citywide Stormwater Quality Master Plan, E Sciences’ identified this project as a high priority project to address water quality concerns based on the water quality modeling that was performed. A field investigation was also conducted that identified potential project constraints and analyzed the feasibility of moving the project forward. The conceptual solution included conversion of an existing dirt-surface parking lot to an underground exfiltration system with a new surface of aesthetic brick pavers.

This project design has a 95% estimated pollutant removal efficiency and will retain over 2.5” of stormwater runoff from the contributing basin. The parking lot was excavated and filled with coarse aggregate to perform as the underground retention basin. Since soils around the retention basin are well drained with a low water table, retained runoff in this basin can infiltrate between storm events and the underground retention system will recover storage volume. The parking lot surface is finished with PaveDrain pervious paver stones.

E Sciences also identified the project as a good candidate to receive matching grant funds from the FDEP. The Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Restoration Grant program is primarily focused on projects that provide significant water quality improvement. The Highlands Avenue exfiltration system was designed to significantly improve water quality treatment in the historic urban area. E Sciences’ provided application and coordination services resulting in securing the grant funds for the project.