Limerock Mining Engineering Support

E Sciences assists a client with preparing reports and obtaining various permits, including a SWFWMD Individual Water Use Permit, FDEP NPDES Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit, USACE Permit, and FDEP Environmental Resource Permits. The E Sciences project team prepared an environmental assessment and monitoring program to evaluate the impacts of the limestone mining operation on the natural environment. Project activities include:

  • Assisting client with identifying environmental issues and project permitting efforts with SWFWMD, FDEP, USACE and Pasco County.
  • Preparing Certification of Operation and Maintenance Inspection Report for SWFWMD.
  • Implementing a quality assurance and quality control plan for ensuring the quality of the data, models, assessments and reports generated as part of this project.
  • Preparing computer models to simulate dewatering of active mine pits and mounding associated with onsite water storage.
  • Implementing an environmental monitoring program to collect surface water and ground water data.
  • Evaluating effects of dewatering and mounding of surface water on local hydrologic systems. This program includes installing and monitoring a ground water, surface water and ecological monitoring network.
  • Preparing monthly and annual environmental monitoring and assessment reports discussing trends in surface and ground water.
  • Preparing annual wetland assessment surveys to document baseline and future conditions of jurisdictional wetlands and to evaluate the effects of the mining operation on these systems.
  • Performing water budgets, water quality analysis, floodplain studies and flood frequency analysis, and calibrating and executing hydrologic modeling.
  • Assessing and performing ecological studies and restoration efforts.
  • Designing on-site wetland restoration, enhancement, and creation areas.