Gilbert Samson Oceanfront Park Coastal Construction Control Line Permit

The City of Sunny Isles hired a team of consultants to design and permit improvements to Gilbert Samson Oceanfront Park, which is located east of the intersection of NE 174th Street and State Road A1A. Improvements were designed to be installed west of the dune area on the very east side of the park and included upgrades to bathroom facilities, sewer lines, landscaping and site lighting. These improvements included work east of the CCCL. Due to these improvements, E Sciences was included on the team to acquire the CCCL Permit from the FDEP.

E Sciences conducted an ecological assessment and mapped the vegetative communities at the site.

E Sciences coordinated with the FDEP, and their commenting agency, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission prior to application. The permit was received without requests for additional information from the agencies.