Water Conserv II RIB Site 6 Conservation Area Ecological Services

E Sciences is providing ecological consulting services related to Orange County’s and the City of Orlando’s Water Conserv II. E Sciences has performed service within Rapid Infiltration Basin (RIB) Sites 1, 6, and 10 including:

  • Baseline Survey of 58-acre RIB Site 6 conservation easement
  • Creation of Habitat Management Plan for the conservation easement area
  • Supervision of Land Management designed to increase gopher tortoise habitat
  • Ecological monitoring of the conservation easement scheduled over five years
  • Gopher tortoise surveys of off-line RIB cells
  • Permitting, excavation, and onsite relocation of gopher tortoises
  • Preparation of maps and reports detailing the populations of threatened and endangered species on the site
  • Southeastern American kestrel survey
  • Delineation of wetlands and identification of Seasonal High Water Levels
  • Ecological assessment of RIB Sites 1 and 10
  • Environmental Resource Permitting