City of Miami Beach Urban Forestry Services

E Sciences was awarded a contract with the City of Miami Beach to conduct environmental / coastal engineering services. As part of that contract, we were asked to provide urban forestry services. Related tasks include the following:

Street Tree Inventory E Sciences conducted street tree inventories for the Normandy Shores and Normandy Isles neighborhoods in 2013. A total of 6,010 trees were inventoried using sub-meter accurate global positioning equipment. E Sciences provided the City with an ESRI ArcGIS shape file. The work included assessing each tree for its general condition and providing recommendations for maintenance. A third phase including approximately 9,000 trees was added in 2015.

Greenspace Canopy Assessment — Using i-Tree Canopy and i-Tree Vue, E Sciences assessed the extent of the City’s urban forest canopy and the ecological services provided by the trees. E Sciences estimated the canopy coverage for the City’s entire urban forest, its parks and its rights of way using i-Tree Canopy. It also estimated the percentage of available space remaining within the City for additional tree planting.

E Sciences used this information to estimate the carbon sequestration and storage, as well as pollutant removal being provided by the trees. E Sciences developed a brochure for public education documenting the information from the study.