Districtwide PD&E Support

E Sciences, as a subcontractor, provides miscellaneous environmental support for the FDOT District Four PD&E projects and Work Program. The scope of the contract is broad and provides E Sciences with opportunity to support the FDOT with a wide range of projects. Tasks include:

  • Plan reviews
  • Environmental features memos for on and off-system and
    FTA projects
  • ERCs, including lead reviewer for ERC on ETDM
  • Seagrass, wetland and listed species surveys
  • Mitigation site maintenance and monitoring
  • Permitting and NEPA reviews, some in support of LAP projects for local municipalities

We regularly coordinate with FDOT project managers, design engineers, the DCIC and DCEC, as well as with personnel within the PL&EM and OMD.

Individual projects under this contract include:

  • Burrowing owl surveys
  • Seagrass surveys
  • Planning and environmental linkage studies
  • Numerous EIRs
  • Environmental liaison for LAP projects