Homestead Air Reserve Base Pine Rockland Baseline Assessment and Restoration / Management Plan


Pine rockland is a globally imperiled ecological community that contains a number of threatened and endangered plant species unique to southeastern Florida. The three-acre pine rockland located on the northwestern corner of Homestead Air Reserve Base (HARB) became overpopulated with exotic invasive species, including Australian pine and Burma reed. The project involved performing a baseline assessment before and after exotic removal, preparing a Baseline Assessment Report and a Restoration Management Plan for the site.

E Sciences performed a baseline assessment in 2011, which included identifying and mapping key pine rockland indicator species; Federal, State and County listed species; and exotic invasive species. GIS maps compatible with HARB Geodatabase were produced showing distribution and density of exotics and locations of key indicator and listed species. Photo documentation of listed plant species and key indicator species, as well as overall site conditions, was also collected. E Sciences supervised the exotic removal and follow-up maintenance activities on the site and performed a reassessment in summer 2012. This information was compiled into a Baseline Assessment Report.

Based on the assessment and source data regarding pine rockland habitat in general and the HARB site specifically, E Sciences prepared a Pine Rockland Restoration and Management Plan that included: exotic species removal and maintenance; potential for reintroduction of key indicator and listed species; management, maintenance and protection recommendations, and long-term management and monitoring protocols.