Cameron Avenue / Lake Mary Boulevard Wetland Mitigation Area

In order to provide mitigation for wetland impacts associated with the widening of Lake Mary Boulevard, Seminole County designed and constructed a 2.7-acre wetland mitigation area. After the County completed construction of the mitigation area, it was discovered that the hydrology and grading on the site were negatively impacting planted species. E Sciences was then contracted by Seminole County to coordinate with the SJRWMD and Seminole County staff, to re-grade and replant the mitigation area in order to bring it into compliance with the existing SJRWMD permit. E Sciences provided coordination between Seminole County and SJRWMD to provide mass grading, contouring, and planting of native wetland species within this mitigation area. E Sciences’ staff provided semi-annual mitigation monitoring and maintenance services within this mitigation area to reduce nuisance species densities and ensure success of the approved planting plan. E Sciences’ staff was successful in demonstrating to SJRWMD that the project achieved compliance with the mitigation success criteria established by the permit and successfully negotiated early sign off from SJRWMD resulting in a savings of more than $20,000 to the County.