SL-15 Island Mitigation Monitoring and Permit Compliance

E Sciences provided mitigation monitoring and seagrass mapping services for this innovative mitigation site in St. Lucie County. In order to satisfy federal and state permit requirements for multiple impact sites, the FDOT commissioned the construction of a seagrass and mangrove restoration site from a spoil island in the Intracoastal Waterway.

E Sciences’ scope of work for this project included conducting semi-annual mitigation monitoring of seagrass transects, aquatic macrofauna, mangrove viability and recruitment, upland vegetation viability and recruitment, and crab burrow counts. In addition to these activities, the FDOT tasked E Sciences with conducting annual mapping of seagrass beds within the three-acre seagrass restoration area to assess seagrass colonization and recovery patterns. For this effort, E Sciences collected density and species data for each seagrass bed and delineated the edge of each bed using pin flags, which were surveyed with GPS devices. E Sciences then used GIS mapping to track the colonization of the seagrass recruitment area.