Deep Dredge Environmental Monitoring / Biological Diving Services

E Sciences, as a subconsultant, is providing monitoring services to the PortMiami related to the Miami Harbor Deepening Project. These services consist of the following general tasks:

  • Monitoring of corals after relocation;
  • Monitoring of both high and low relief mitigation sites to account for colonization and biological success;
  • Monitoring of the Julia Tuttle seagrass mitigation site for coalescence and biological success;
  • Potential secondary impact resource monitoring and mitigation design;
  • Monitoring of reef mitigation sites, which involves permanent transect establishment and monitoring, monitoring reports, a five year survey, and successful evaluation;
  • Monitoring of relocated Scleractinian and Acropora corals, which involves referencing colonies, relocation corals, monitoring reports and success evaluation;
  • Monitoring of seagrass mitigation site, which involves monitoring methods such as initial short shoot counts (to be averaged), seagrass edge, visual percent coverage, etc., and permanent transects after coalescent, monitoring reports and success evaluation.