Due Diligence Support / Phase I and Phase II ESAs

Due diligence support is an important aspect of any real estate transaction.
E Sciences’ staff has been assisting our clients with assessing their potential liabilities during real estate transactions since the late 1980s, prior to the development of the ASTM standard for Phase I and II ESAs. While our Phase I ESAs are performed in accordance with ASTM Standards for ESAs on commercial real estate and meet EPA’s requirements for All Appropriate Inquiry, we also provide tailored due diligence services for our clients, when these types of assessments are not sufficient. We are often engaged by clients to conduct technical peer reviews of reports prepared by other environmental consultants.

When recognized environmental conditions are identified during a Phase I ESA, we often conduct Phase II ESAs. These projects typically follow the minimum requirements of ASTM E-1903. When Phase II ESAs are conducted for Brownfield sites we also develop a site specific quality assurance project plan. Our approach to conducting Phase II ESAs is unique in that we begin by developing the scope of services for the project with the ultimate project goals in mind. Sometimes our clients need us to go beyond a typical Phase II ESA but not scope the project to meet the regulatory requirements of a Site Assessment Report. Our scope may not simply review the property for the presence or absence of contamination impacts associated with an identified condition; we may scope the project to be able to answer questions germane to the project and client’s ultimate goals. Typical questions we may need to answer include the following:

  • “If there is contamination, how much should I expect to pay to manage or remediate the impacts?”
  • “How will a discovery of contamination impact the design and construction of my redevelopment project?”
  • “Will I have to clean-up the impacts or are there other options available to me if you identify contamination on my property?”

Our Phase II ESA reports may be simple or complex depending on the project and client needs and often include probable costs for remediation or regulatory closure.

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