Assessment and Remediation

When contamination is identified, we work closely with our clients, their project team, the regulatory agencies and other stakeholders to develop a strategy for risk management and remediation to meet objectives of each project. E Sciences professionals’ understanding of fate and transport behaviors and the nature of various contaminants helps us evaluate and select the appropriate remedy for our clients, taking into account the potential liabilities, the available funding, closure goals and schedule constraints. We embrace a “new school of thought” on our contamination projects. E Sciences’ staff seeks ways to use the tools available to us through the regulatory rule nuances, precedents set on other project sites, guidance documents, and emerging trends and technologies. We identify ways to remove the traditional constraints and take advantage of our clients’ abilities to manage their risks responsibly and efficiently.

E Sciences staff has a reputation for keeping abreast of the latest technologies, and blazing trails for others to follow. Members of our staff were among the first to work under Florida’s Cleanup Programs and have been integral in rulemaking as the rules have evolved and consolidated over the years. We have also been at the forefront of working with FDEP in applying new rules/policies and innovative technologies. Our seasoned staff are sought out to serve as expert witnesses and have served in this capacity on a variety of contamination assessment and remediation cases, including one of the most high profile cases in the State.

Related services include the following:

  • Brownfields Designation, Reporting and Assistance
  • Restrictive Covenant Support
  • Engineering Control Plan Development
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Contamination Screening Evaluation Reports
  • Storage Tank Removals / Replacements
  • Geological and Hydrogeological Investigations
  • SPCC Plan Development